Having the look and feel of hand crafting, this copper reliquary has an attached swivel top. Excellent for little dry keepsakes and forget~me~nots, such as a favorite poem or prayer, grains of sand... Perfect size to fit in the pocket or purse, a cord could be attached and worn as a pendant. The body measurements are 2.5" tall and the width is just under 5/8" the size of a penny.

Reliquary 6

  • This item is design for dry use. It is not water tight and moisture will cause discoloration and eventual corrosion. I have purposely not coated this product with a protectant seal; the process of natural color change will occur that will result in a darker patina. To obtain a 'new penny look' simply wash and mild scrub item with dish liquid and a mild abrasive such as kitchen cleanser or tooth paste, rinse and dry completely. If you wish to retain that, 'new penny finish' simply spray a thin coat of clear paint or nail polish and let dry.